Saturday, March 5, 2011


Love the Kansas City library "bookshelf" look!

My poor Kindle hasn't had a new book downloaded in 18 months -ish! With little Kiernan and crazy work, I have run out of time for my favorite hobby, reading!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The baby!

My little "basketball" tummy is growing! I am finally past the stage where people don't just look at me and question if I am just letting myself go...instead strangers don't even hesitate and congratulate me! This guy today at this quilting fair said "Now we really got to get you on the light beer...." It was hilarious...cause it was obvious that he was joking. Only 3 more months to go ... and then I will have to start working out (blah...working out will never be a pleasurable thing).

Here is little miss Kiernan Grace:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Swap Tree

A friend told me about the next best thing in the world today. Not only is it awesome, it is practical and green. So everyone should check it out!
Yes, I am leaving you hanging on what exactly it is because it's more exciting that way.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Automatic Everything!

As mentioned in a previous post, we have moved into a brand new office building for work. Brand new cubes, chairs, phones etc....and it's it! In fact, I feel more productive in my new space even though that is probably not supported at all, just feels that way.

Of course our bathrooms are very nice - complete with automatic flush, soap and faucet...yet not automatic paper towel dispenser...hmm. Our old building had the auto flush part and it gets to the point that I go the bathroom at home and have to remind myself that the toilet will not autoflush in the Riffel residence. Now I am happy to have all the automated equipment, don't get me wrong. But whoever designs these things should be smarter. The auto soap only dispenses enough soap for tiny hands. I have to fake out the soap dispenser and act like a new pair of hands to get the extra squirt in order to properly make the appropriate foam bubbles to get a good clean. They should design it to dispense the correct amount so I don't have to confuse the soap everyday.

The bottom line is I am in the wrong field - I should clearly be designing automated bathroom equipment!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Music Searching

I love discovering unknown artists. In fact...I should have worked for like a record company because I enjoying listening to EP's from artists and becoming a fan before they hit the radio. So in doing my music search this quiet Saturday morning I stumbled upon Matt Simons...who was listed to be comparable to Joshua Radin - which I beg to differ. I would put him more in the Gavin Degraw category. Anyways - he's not bad. His EP is on iTunes or of course you can hear his music on myspace.

The Jason Mraz tickets have arrived!!! So I am officially counting down the days till May 6th!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Big Move!

Monday I will be officially moving into our new building at work. Our cubes are going to be bigger and our new building is glamorous. So all in all - everyone is very excited. We now have a parking garage so for the ever changing crazy Kansas weather, I can park in a covered spot so no more ice to scrap off my car. And as I am slowly becoming the fat kid these days as my pregnant belly starts to pop - I won't have to feel guilty taking the elevator up to my 3rd floor window office...and by office I mean cube that is by a window. It's all in the way you look at it right? I will say I am as excited for work on Monday as I was the first day of my job.

This weekend was spent at home with my hubby! (Will May 1st ever get here?) We had some good friends over to grill out Saturday and even managed to do an "interview" of a potential daycare provider that is actually AFFORDABLE! It's a miracle. The rest of my day will be spent finishing the laundry, making some taco salad for dinner and enjoying some tv time.